I’ve been looking to replace one of my irons for a while now, and have heard good things about hybrids. Because I’m a pretty avid golfer, I knew I was willing to spend a little bit more, but still wanted to get an amazing product. This is when I decided to compile a Mizuno Golf Clubs reviews guide.

Mizuno Golf Men’s JPX-900

After doing a ton of research, I stumbled across the Mizuno Hybrid, and to be completely honest, my game totally changed. I’m so glad I bought it!Mizuno Golf Men's JPX-900

For one thing, I used to cut a little bit to the left with my old iron. This club is amazing because of how forgiving it is. Any time it feels like I’ve pulled a shot, the way this club is built seems to correct it. I’m not trying to say this is a miracle club, but it’s definitely helped my game a lot.

It’s also really sleek, and looks great in my golf bag. This club is also adjustable, unlike a lot of other hybrids out there. You can adjust the loft upwards or downwards as much as 2 degrees, which is great. While hybrids do take a little while to get used to, this club is definitely worth the time. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using my regular iron again. Would definitely buy again, and have already recommended to others.

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T7 Blue Ion Wedge

This is my favorite new wedge in my golf bag. I ordered it a few months ago, since I didn’t really think my old wedge t7 blue iron wedge reviewwas cutting it. A friend recommended this one to me, and after doing a little research of my own, I decided that the Mizuno Blue Ion Wedge would probably be the best fit for me. One of the main reasons behind it was the durability – I was sick of having to replace my wedges, and this club was supposed to keep its groves for longer. When it got to my door (quickly I might add), it looked super sleek, and I couldn’t wait to play with it.

While I’ve only had it for a couple of months, I have noticed that the grooves on the club face have stayed more intact than they normally would with the old wedges I used to buy. It also hits great, and the feeling of hitting the ball right on the center of the face is amazing. I also liked that the clubs were completely customizable as well. I’m not saying that this wedge will make every shot perfect, but the feel and design of it has definitely helped with my game. Overall, this is a great club, and I would definitely buy again.

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JPX 850 Irons Graphite

I got these as a gift for my husband on our anniversary as a splurge present. He’s a huge golfer, and is actually trying jpx 850 reviewto go semi-pro, so I figured adding good golf clubs to his bag wouldn’t bother him too much! After doing a good amount of research (and asking what kind he needed), I settled on the JPX 850 set. I knew I didn’t want to replace all of his clubs, in case these didn’t work out. I gave them to him a couple weeks ago, and he said that they’ve quickly become his favorite clubs in the bag.

One of the reasons I bought these clubs for him in the first place is because a lot of the reviews said that the clubfaces maximize forgiveness and stability. Not to say my husband isn’t a great golfer, but on his bad days, a club that helps him produce his best game always makes him come home a little happier! He said that they strike the ball really well, and his driving has become better in the few weeks since he’s been using them. I may not be a golf expert, but my husband is, and he absolutely loves them, and has already recommended them to some of the guys he plays with.

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JPX EZ Wedge

I’m pretty new to golf, and was looking to add a new wedge to my golf bag that had good reviews, but wouldn’t breakjpx wedge the bank. After doing some research and talking to a few friends that are decent golfers, I settled on the EX wedge. While I’ve only had the chance to use it a few times out on the links, from those times alone, I can say I’m pretty glad I invested in this wedge.

For one thing, this club has a pretty sleek design, which fits in well with all the other clubs in my bag. You can tell right away when you hit the ball perfectly off of this club because of the sound and feel of it. I’ve also noticed that I can hit the ball a little farther and a little harder, which I’ve been told comes from the thickness of the clubface. I also learned pretty quickly (remember, new golfer here!) that it’s a decently forgiving club, which is great, because I definitely need it. The grip is a little rough, but outside of that, I’m loving the club thus far. I use it every time I head out to the course now. I would definitely buy again.

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JPX-900 Mizuno Golf Clubs Reviews

I bought this club as a gift for my son on his birthday. He’s been looking for a new fairway wood, and they can get mizuno golfpretty pricey sometimes. After asking around and doing some research, I landed on the JPX-900. It arrived pretty quickly, and after giving it to him, he’s told me he takes it out every time he goes golfing now. So far he seems to love it.

One of the biggest reasons I bought this club was the adjust-ability features of the club itself. After speaking to some friends who are pretty big on golf, I was hesitant to buy a club for my son without knowing exactly what he needed. The centerpiece in the club head moves, which allows for the player to either add or take spin away. From an aesthetic perspective, it’s also a really cool looking golf club and fits in really well with all the other clubs in his bag. Overall, while he hasn’t had the club for too long, he seems to really like it, so in the future, I would probably be likely (so long as it keeps going well) to recommend it to others. I would definitely buy again.

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