The brand-new Callaway epic flash driver Callaway spent a lot of money on a super computer for this driver. Utilizing artificial intelligence Callaway was able to make the club face faster than they have ever been able to make it before.

Super Computers Make Better Clubs

I was curious to see if a supercomputer using artificial intelligence can make the ball come faster of the club face. The big story with the new Callaway driver is, it’s going to produce more ball speed. This supercomputer has gone through roughly 15,000 virtual prototypes to come to this new design.

The epic flash which is the flash face design has baffled industry engineers. It looks nothing like driver faces they’ve ever seen. Internally it is a series of thinning and thicknesses of the club face that are almost circulate, around the center spot and out towards the perimeter. which is claiming is going to be giving you faster ball speeds across the face. It looks so unusual because it doesn’t look tired. It looks like it’s almost a prototype that’s gone wrong. Using artificial intelligence the supercomputer was able to test it and re-test it until it says this is the best version that we can make. The Callaway epic flash and sub-zero both still feature jailbreak. This has been anopther big story over the last couple years for Callaway. It’s a way of connecting the top and the driver to give more stability.

Epic Golf Driver Look Over

Epic flash has now introduced this again. Sliding way across the back of the perimeter. It’s got a new weave on top made of a new carbon. They’ve removed many airflow aerodynamic features on the top of the crown of the club. Both drivers do feature the adjustable neck system. The epic flash sub-zero has a weight closer to the face, to bring that spin down. The weight of the back isn’t as heavy as the weight that’s in the epic flash. The one thing I find weird is the naming they’ve come back out with the name epic. While the Flash Face of the Flash and Flash Sub Zero drivers is titanium, Callaway uses 455 Carpenter steel equipped with the company‚Äôs Face Cup technology in the fairway woods.

Both of these drivers are definitely on the high side of the spectrum. It’s kind of where drivers are going at the moment. They’re all in around that $500 mark. So now it comes to the time of testing to see if the new flash face actually gives me any more ball speed. Where this supercomputer has designed something that’s gonna make me hit the ball a lot further. I tested the sub-zero version first because that’s the one that suits me the most.

Callaway Drivers Are Amazing

The epic sub zero weight is a little bit more forward. I saw massive gains in distance. 293 yards of carry distance, 316 total distance which is huge high launch super low spin. Giving me some of the longest shots I’ve ever hit and test. The epic flash was giving me slightly higher spin. Not as high of a launch. It’s kind of what I normally see with the more standard version not the low spin. We found more ball speed with the Callaway epic flash sub-zero. The sub-zero is getting 161mph and the flash 160mph and those numbers are definitely on the top end of our spectrum. However they’re not the fastest I’ve ever got from drivers I’ve ever tested. Callaway’s tend to give me very fast ball speeds. I also put the Rogues in to compare how much of a difference it made from last year’s models and it was marginal gains. However it was gains the sub-zero from last year versus the new sub-zero I was getting 1.5mph faster ball speed and that was giving me slightly more distance.

Whether that’s the jailbreak, whether that’s the new flash face, whether it’s a combination of everything I do hit these a long way. After spending some time with both drivers out on the golf course. I saw similar results from the launch monitor. I was hitting these drivers a long way, the balls were absolutely being smoked. I also found with both drivers the sense of hit performed really well, I didn’t feel like I got punished that badly when I didn’t hit the middle of the face. This is a huge positive for someone who doesn’t hit the middle of the face. The flash sub-zero has a slightly smaller head shape. Noticeably smaller than the flash and it just is very pleasing to the eye when it’s behind the golf ball. The things that I disliked with the epic flash and the epic flash sub-zero was the sound of these two drivers. They give off a sound that’s so high pitched they are tinny. I appreciate a personal preference but I really love the sound of the original epic.

If you love a comfortable good hitting driver take a look at the epic flash and epic flash sub-zero. Overall these are a great addition to any golfers bag. I will be spending some more time with the sub-zero this year. They are a little pricey but worth every penny.

I would also encourage you to take a look at the Callaway Epic Rogue.