We’ve been hearing a lot of hype across the internet recently about the Callaway X Series. After lots of requests, we decided to compile a Callaway X Series 416 Irons Review for our readers. We’ll be comparing the hybrid and irons.

The Iron Review

The Callaway Men’s X Series 416 Irons have an iron head and a steel shaft. The iron head is clearly a traditional choice for a golf club, as is the steel shaft. This makes the club perfect for golfers who have been at their craft for a long time.

The steel shaft is rated just between a regular shaft and a stiff shaft. Keep in mind, a stiff shaft has less flex when the club is swung. This can make it a less forgiving club, however it also promises a longer distance. That being said, this is not an unforgiving club, it is just less forgiving than, say, a graphite shaft.callaway irons


Keep in mind, Callaway has specifically designed this iron set thinking of those golfers with a mid to high range handicap. This iron set is certainly not for those with low handicaps. If you have a tendency to end up in sand bunkers quite often or end up off the green, these clubs are perfect for you and will help you perfect your shot.

As stated previously, this club has a shaft just between a stiff shaft and a regular shaft. This means that the club has the drive to send the ball further than many standard clubs. However, it is important not to choose a club with a stiff shaft just because it has the ability to send the ball further.

As a golfer, you must be aware of your individual power. If you swing between 85 miles per hour and 115 miles per hour, this is precisely the golf club for you, as it will allow you the best force when connecting with the club.

If you purchase this iron club set without being aware of your swing speed, you simply will not get the best distance for your individual needs. It may be best to head into a local golf shop or a local golf range and test your swing speed before purchasing your clubs.

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Consistency and Durability

These clubs are incredibly long lasting and do not lose their structure or consistency over time. This is mainly due to the iron head and steel shaft and their excellent design by Callaway.

When connecting properly with the golf ball, you regularly get a nice solid distance. You also will find that the ball is easy to get high up in the air, as opposed to clubs where the lack of height prevents your distance. These features are not occasional–they are regular appearances when using these clubs.


These clubs are fairly long, with measurements ranging from 34 ½inches to 38 ½ inches. This is excellent for taller golfers, but keep in mind, custom shafts can be ordered.

The shaft is a Temper Uniflex shaft. Keep in mind, that though this shaft is steel internally, the uniflex is often rated a little lower in terms of dependability. Some golfers do not like the feel of this shaft compared to others. However, the tempering gives it a nice sleek feeling.

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The Hybrid Review

This is not a set of clubs, but just hybrid in the Men’s X series 416. The hybrid is made of a graphite shafts the flex is regular. The hand orientation for this model is right.

When purchasing any club, you must consider the shaft of the club. There are many shaft styles out there, but for the Men’s X Series 416 Hybrid, the shaft is graphite. Graphite shafts allow for more flex when the club is swung. Another major benefit of these graphite shafts is that they are much more lightweight than other clubs. This allows for a faster, and typically more powerful swing.

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The flex on this club is regular. A regular flex is typically designed for a golfer who has a swing of 85-95 miles per hour. Keep in mind though, if you are currently golfing with a heavier club, this Hybrid may be easier to swing. That being said, those with a swing speed in the low 80s may want to consider this club.

The hand orientation on this club is for a right handed golfer, however, Callaway does have clubs of different hand orientations and of differing degrees. The available degrees for this club are 19, 22, and 24.Callaway X Series 416 Irons Review

As far as speed and distance are concerned, this club is very forgiving. Even if you are off-center a little bit, the club gives your ball a very straight ball flight. The speed and distance are also noted by many golfers as being fairly consistent.

The sole of this club is the Modified X-Sole design. This allows it to easily combat rough terrain, such as sand traps or the rough just off the green. However, it also gives your ball a very smooth trajectory over the fairway.

If you struggle golfing with the irons in this same series of club, keep in mind that the hybrid is much easier to golf with. This is in part to the lightweight of the hybrid, but it is also because the club is more forgiving than the Men’s X Series 416 Hybrid. This may also be in part to the height of the club–it measures between 39 ¾ inches.

The main reason this club is forgiving is because, like most Callaway clubs, this head is designed with perimeter weighting. This causes the golf club to have an ideal center of gravity for hits which are not quite perfect. At the same time, when the ball is hit perfectly, the golfer gets to enjoy a smooth, straight shot.

A perk to this club is that it comes with a head cover. This can be a very nice addition for golfers who do not have a plethora of golfing paraphernalia. It also ensures that the cover fits the head perfectly, and will not become damaged when you have it out and about.

Callaway X Series 416 Irons Review

 Visually, this golf club is stunning. With a black, PVD finish and bright blue accents, it does not distract from your golfing but provides subtle, cool tones.