When it comes to buying a golf rangefinder, there are many things that you want to take into consideration. Do you want a rangefinder that is equipped with Slope? Are you wanting one that can differentiate between objects in the foreground and objects in the background? Do you want a small rangefinder? Or do you prefer a larger one? Would you like to be able to use a scan mode? Do you typically stick to one golf course or do you have multiple that you frequent? Perhaps you are new to golfing and just need a little help. These are all things that you should take into account before you purchase your golf rangefinder. In this article we will look at Golf Rangefinder reviews and help you figure out what you are needing.


Having a rangefinder with Slope mode means that you can measure the change in elevation between you and your chosen target as well as the distance to the chosen target. Not all rangefinders come with Slope mode, but it can be well worth it to invest in one that does. Keep in mind that Slope mode is not permitted under the Rules of Golf so you cannot use it during an official tournament. Knocking out a course with some buddies is the perfect place to use it though.


Another great feature to take into consideration is PinSeeker. With this feature, the rangefinder is able to tell the difference between a flag in the foreground and some trees in the background. You don’t want to end up hitting the ball too hard because your rangefinder gave you the distance to the trees instead of the distance to the flag. I would suggest this be a staple feature of any rangefinder you are considering buying.


The size and weight of your rangefinder is also important. If it is too small, you may have a harder time using two hands to keep it steady. However, if it is too large then it will be heavy and cumbersome when you walk with it and it will be more difficult to transport. Make sure you are choosing the size that is going to suit your golf game. Remember: when it comes to rangefinders, bigger is not always better.

using a rangefinder

Maximum Range

If you play a variety of courses, then knowing what the maximum range is on your rangefinder is vital. You do not want a rangefinder that is only going to measure out to 200 yards if you know that one of the courses you play has multiple holes with flags that are 300 yards away. If you can’t afford the rangefinder with the largest range, then do your research and look at the courses you play. Find one that is going to help you with the distances you normally cover.

Ease of Use

If you are a professional golfer, then using any rangefinder on the market should be no problem for you. But if you are fairly new to the game, a more complex machine might be more complicated than you need. You don’t want to have trouble mid-game because you bought something too difficult. Never be ashamed to find something that is straightforward with limited features.

Scan Mode

Using Scan mode on a rangefinder can help you immensely if you are unable to fully see the flag for the hole you are on. You are able to hold down a button and it will let you know which distance is the correct one for the target you are aiming for. For the most part, using the Scan mode will make your rangefinder easier to use.

When it comes to shopping for anything, take into account the reviews for the products you are looking at. If it has more negative reviews than positive, you might end up with more problems than you are wanting to have. You can always find reviews for products on Amazon. If the ones that you find on Amazon don’t seem useful, ask around. Go into your local golf shop and ask the folks that work there. They might be able to give you a hint as to how a product works. Don’t just take the manufacturer’s word at face value.


Always research before you buy. Purchasing a rangefinder can involve a good sized chunk of money. You don’t want to drop that kind of money and then have major regrets. Look it up online. Check the reviews. Ask your friends, ask a caddy. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to get the information that you are looking for. It is better to do more research than you need and end up with a good rangefinder, than it is to do less research, spend a lot of money, and feel like you should have purchased something else.


Last, but not least, you should take into consideration the branding of the rangefinders that you are looking at. Buying an off-brand rangefinder because it is cheaper can lead you to have a very embarrassing game of golf. Make sure you stick to a brand that you know you can trust. Don’t just go the cheap route. Find something that is going to last and make an investment that will actually do you some good.

With all of this information, you should have no problem finding a rangefinder that is going to help improve your golf game. Don’t just jump into a purchase because you feel you have to have one. Make sure to look at the different features and do the research. It is better to wait and make an educated purchase, than buy the first thing that looks good. Keep in mind that all laser rangefinders are accurate to within a couple of yards. It will either be accurate or defective. Make sure you test out your rangefinder and return it if necessary. You don’t want to keep using a defective machine, that is a waste of both time and money.

TecTecTec VPRO500

I’ve been looking for a new Rangefinder for a while. I’m a pretty avid golfer, and my old rangefinder just wasn’t TecTecTec VPRO500cutting it anymore. With all the technological advances happening, I knew I could upgrade my current finder. Enter the TecTecTec Rangefinder! I really like this product. For one thing, it does exactly what it’s supposed to, but doesn’t break the bank. Additionally, I like that it comes with a two-year warranty.

I’m obviously not expecting the product to become defective (it’s worked great thus far), but there’s a certain security knowing I can get a new one if something goes wrong. The customer service was great too – the second I ordered it, I got an email from the company telling me I could reach out with any questions or problems with my product. As for the product itself, this thing can measure up to 540 yards out on the fairway, no problem. There’s only a +/- 1 yard variation, which is pretty small in comparison to other products. The technology behind it is pretty cool too – it’s basically always in standby mode, and shuts down and powers up automatically. When you point at something on the fairway, it measures the distance almost instantly – there’s very little delay between the pointing and the yardage. The operation is pretty simple too – just point and press power.

The visibility is also really clear, which is obviously important in a product like this. One thing – since this product is on the less expensive pricing range for rangefinders, you have to keep in mind that it is plastic. It’s definitely durable, but it’s not as snazzy looking as the more expensive products out there. But that’s just an aesthetic issue – in regards to usage, this product works really great. I would definitely recommend to golfers ranging from amateur to experienced that don’t want to break the bank, but still want a great product.

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Nikon 8397 Review

I got this as a present for my golf partner (I owed him big time), who likes to pretend that he’s a pro golfer. From nikon rangefinderwhat I’ve gathered, he absolutely loves this rangefinder, and uses it every time he goes. I settled on this product because it was relatively inexpensive (in comparison to the other rangefinders out there) but still had great reviews on Amazon.

It arrived really quickly, and my partner took it out on the course the very next day. He said that it worked great, and could even measure as far as 550 yards away. His friends were definitely jealous! One of the reasons I bought this particular rangefinder was its size. It’s really compact, and fits pretty easily in his pocket. This is great because he often loses things on the golf course (I have no idea how), and he says that having it in his pocket doesn’t really hinder his swing. It’s also really easy to use, which I even tried – it only requires pressing a button, and you basically get an instant digital reading of the yardage.

You can even move the rangefinder across an area for up to 20 seconds, and it will continuously update the yardage measurements. One problem that my partner mentioned having was that it was a little bit difficult for him to hold steady on a target, like a flag or sandpit. I’m not sure if this is an issue that the rangefinder can fix, or if it’s my golfing partner just not being able to sit still for long enough!

Overall though, he said he’s loved the product thus far, and for the price, it was definitely a worthwhile buy. He’s said he’s already recommended the product to the guys he golfs with, and is even thinking about getting it as a present for another of his friends. Definitely would buy again.

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Bushnell Tour V4 Review

Let me start out by saying that this product is fantastic. I’m a semi-pro golfer, and have been looking around for a new, mid-price-range yardage measurer to improve my long-game. I landed on the Bushnell Tour rangefinder because of the name (Bushnell is huge in golf) and all the positive reviews on Amazon. It also helped that it comes with a 2-year warranty, which is great in case I manage to break it. This thing incredibly can get ranges from upwards of 1,000 yards away.

golf rangefinder reviews

When I use this during practice, it seriously saves me sometimes up to 2 strokes per round. The allowance factor is only about a yard, which is pretty normal for rangefinder products. It magnifies up to 5x, which is great for using when you first set up on the tee. It doesn’t have the slope feature, but that works for me since it’s illegal to use in a tournament setting anyways. It also comes with a really nice case that attaches right to my golf bag, so I won’t manage to lose it. While it’s not as cheap as other rangefinders out there, the fact that it can measure longer distances, is sleeker, and is more accurate definitely makes buying this product worth the price. One issue – sometimes locking in on the flag takes one or two tries.

The rangefinder vibrates when it locks in, which is helpful, but keep in mind that it may take a try or two. Once it’s locked in though, the yard measurement is super accurate, and has really helped my game. I’m already planning on buying another one as a gift for a buddy who’s trying to make it in the sport. Overall, I would absolutely recommend to others, and definitely would buy again in the future.

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SereneLife Premium Golf Rangefinder Reviews

I’m just starting to golf more for business reasons, and needed to improve my game (so I would stop embarrassing serenelifemy bosses on the course). A friend recommended getting a rangefinder to help with my long-range swings. While I definitely want to improve my game, I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something that I would only use occasionally. After doing a ton of research, I finally landed on the Serene Life Premium Golf Laser Rangefinder, and I’m really glad I did! Even though it wasn’t super expensive, my bosses were impressed not only by the product itself, but by the way it immediately helped me improve my game.

First of all, I should note that this rangefinder measures up to around 540 yards on the course, so it may not be super helpful for courses with longer fairways than that. It’s also great because it’s not complicated at all. All you have to do is point at the target and press the button, and the distance is shown digitally almost immediately. The pin seeker is really nice too, since it helps you find the flag specifically and gives you the distance. It also magnifies up to 6x, and the picture is incredibly clear. One thing to note – with almost all rangefinders, it can be sometimes difficult to keep your hand steady to get an accurate reading, especially if you are focusing on a flag.

To help this, I’ve just taken a couple readings from one target, and try to steady my hand as much as possible either on the golf cart, or another available surface. The aiming square could also be a little bit bigger to help make sure you hit your target. Outside of that, this product was definitely worth the buy, and I can’t wait to continue to impress my colleagues with my ever increasing golf skills due to this product.

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TecTecTec VPRO DLX Golf Rangefinder Reviews

I bought this product for my wife as a gift, since we’re trying to spend more time together by golfing. Before gettingtectectec vprodlx into the actual discussion of the product, I wanted to start out by saying that she loves it! It’s definitely helped improve her game, which has also helped her enjoy golf more (we all know how frustrating the sport can be!). The customer service was also great as well – they sent me an email right when I ordered it asking if I had any questions, and then emailed me a couple months later to see how the product was working and if I liked it.

Genuinely seemed like they cared! One thing to start out with – it may seem silly, but she absolutely loves the color. I was looking at a lot of other similarly priced products, and none came in this red hue. Another great thing about the product is the fact that it can measure up to 600 yards – similarly priced products often only can measure up to 550, so this feature is great. It’s also waterproof, which hopefully won’t be an issue, but I could definitely see this ending up in a water trap due to golf frustration! When she’s actually using the product, it seems to measure the distance pretty instantaneously.

It’s also great because the view is magnified, which makes holding the product steadier to measure distances is much easier. It’s really easy to use as well. She does say that she’s been annoyed with trying to get the rangefinder out of the case, which she thinks is too small. Because of this, she’s attached it to her golf bag without the protective case, but since this product feels pretty durable, I don’t imagine this being an issue. All in all, she loves it, and I’m glad I bought it for her so we can enjoy golf together.

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Simmons 801600 Golf Rangefinder Reviews

I bought this product for my son, who is just starting out with golfing. While we knew he wanted a rangefinder tosimmons help with his game, we’re not sure how long he’s going to stick with the sport, so it seemed silly to get an expensive rangefinder that may end up unused. After doing some research, I stumbled across the Simmons Rangefinder, and was so glad I did! My son loves it, and uses it every time he hits the links. For one thing, one of the reasons my son loves this product is because of the measuring range.

A lot of seasoned golfers can usually eye shorter distances without the help of a rangefinder. Since my son is relatively new to the sport, the fact that this rangefinder measures between 10 and 600 yards has been extremely helpful. It’s also great because there is only +/- 1 yard variable/variation.

He says that it’s also really easy to use, and only requires pointing at a location and pressing one button once. It apparently also magnifies up to 4x with pretty clear visibility (I tested it once while I was out there with him), which is pretty high for such a low-priced option. It’s also small enough to fit in your pocket, which is great for convenience purposes. I have one con regarding this product, which I guess could also be considered a pro as well. This product’s pin-pointing feature is extremely sensitive, so you have to try to be really precise with what you’re pointing at.

Other than that, this product is fast, as well as accurate, which is what you’re looking for in a rangefinder product. For the amount we paid, this product seems like a steal, and I’m glad we bought it for our son. I would definitely recommend to others looking for a rangefinder that won’t break the bank.

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Pinty Waterproof Rangefinder

I, like many other golfers out there, am not that great at golf. A friend told me that a rangefinder may help my game, pintybut I was wary to spend hundreds of dollars on a product that I would only use a few times a year. After doing so research, I stumbled across this product, and figured that I may as well try it, since it wasn’t terribly expensive. Boy am I glad that I did! The greatest thing about this product is that it works exactly the way it’s supposed to, but doesn’t cost nearly as much as all the other rangefinders out there.

While I’ve only used it to measure up to around 400 yards, the instructions/guide says that this thing can measure all the way up to 650 yards, which is crazy. The view is really clear, and after pointing at the location/flag/sand trap in question, the measurement response is really quick – almost immediate. Additionally, while I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, it’s also amazing that this product has a fog mode, meaning that it can measure yardage in foggy conditions as well. After I recommended this product to a friend, he used it during a foggy morning game, and said that the feature works pretty well. As with all rangefinders (after doing research), sometimes it is hard to get exact measurements, since you have to be pretty stable. I’ve found that if I just do a reading a few times, it gets progressively more accurate, so I haven’t had much of an issue with it. If you’re an amateur golfer looking to improve your game, but not looking to clean out your wallet, I would absolutely recommend this product. I would definitely purchase again, especially considering the price!

Additionally, while I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, it’s also amazing that this product has a fog mode, meaning that it can measure yardage in foggy conditions as well. After I recommended this product to a friend, he used it during a foggy morning game, and said that the feature works pretty well. As with all rangefinders (after doing research), sometimes it is hard to get exact measurements, since you have to be pretty stable.

I’ve found that if I just do a reading a few times, it gets progressively more accurate, so I haven’t had much of an issue with it. If you’re an amateur golfer looking to improve your game, but not looking to clean out your wallet, I would absolutely recommend this product. I would definitely purchase again, especially considering the price!

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