We tested and reviewed the new Titleist 818 hybrids with h1 which-is the big version and the h2 is the slightly more slender version of the two golf clubs. Titleist hybrids come out the same time as they release irons; they see the hybrid fitting in as an extension of the iron family. Not so much with the woods, that’s why you don’t see hybrids being launched with the driver, and the 3-wood. We tend to see those being launched after the launch of the irons.

818 hybrids are the second generation of the h1 and h2 the 816 was the last version. A couple of years ago their were two hybrids that sat very close together it was hard to distinguish between the two they’ve made that gap much bigger now between the h1 and h2.

The h1 has the bigger head and the h1 is probably more in line to go with a player that goes with the AP1 set. The h2 is much more slender version and looks definitely more like a smaller squashed up version of a hybrid. This is more for the golfer that maybe suits the AP2 set. This kind of gives you an idea of the difference between the two.

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I’m going to test them both quad hitting and kind of see if there’s actually much difference in ball fly or feel. They have kept with this active recall channel. So a slot that’s actually cut out behind the head and then filled with the polymer material. They’ve darkened the head on these hybrid clubs, the 816 are a lighter gray head. The darker color is more in line with the driver and the 3-wood. It’s fancier than the past models, the color scheme it’s like a sparkly Grey’s. It’s got the hosel adjust-ability as always and I actually got fitted for both of these hybrids and I’ve gone 3/4 of a degree flatter to help me slightly fade the ball a bit more with the hybrid.

So it’s been my issue with hybrid irons sometimes they are angled too far left. Not only have you got the adjust-ability on the neck to change the loft and the lying, you’ve also now got their SureFit weight system they’ve had in the driver and 3-wood. You can get a finer tuning into the bones of custom fitting which I’m always a big fan of. I love adjustable hybrids because for me a hybrid very much sits in that adjustable category. It’s a club that is either an iron replacement or it’s the club that’s fitting in between your longest iron and your fairway wood. I prefer the darker head unlike the grey head, and the light grey head that they released last time. The darker gray definitely suits more of a tireless look.

I hit with the h1 first, I like that flight for a hybrid I thought I’d be on the green with my first hit. At like 240 yards that’s actually got a decent curve. Really felt fantastic you can really feel the strike location and club delivery. No complaints about his club yet the first shot went high kind of what I would traditionally see a hybrid flight. I was still finding it wasn’t quite moving right enough for me. If I wanted to I could potentially put a fade right in there as well both shots felt really good. The active recall channel is supposed to be offer in good speed across the face. I must admit both these two shots were in the exact same location, just slightly in the toe and a yard away from each other. From carry distance the sides of the head is kind of a rounded shape. I see this type of shape to suit a golfer who who likes a high birth airway. A golfer who likes hitting fairway woods would prefer that slightly longer back, that has a slightly bigger head shape.

I can’t ask for a lot more from hybrid. The shots feel good as well just a nice sound a nice feel. The look of both of these models is very professional. I like the adjust-ability yet it’s not too complex. I’ve not changed the shore fit weight which could again be another option for more adjust-ability. There’s a bit more club towards the toe but I didn’t see any punishment on the shot, I lost like three yards. You can definitely tell how much lower you hit on the face of the h1. It has a much lower strike location but still does really well.

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We’re going to shift into the h2. We definitely see a ridiculously different shape, there’s no confusion between the h1 and the h2 this time around. With the 816 it was hard to tell the differences unless you actually really looked at the bottom or you studied it very carefully. There wasn’t a big enough separation between the two the h1 and the h2 this time there’s a big separation. The h2 way smaller compression head almost more squashed in very much a why I would see this as a bit more of a professional-looking hybrid for the better player. I feel like this hybrid would suit a player that might like hitting long. The head itself has the same features as the h1.

Visually for my eye this is such a nicer looking hybrid it just looks a little bit more condensed. Because of the way the club’s designed there’s always a tendency of going a little bit left with them. I think if the h2 head was a bit flatter that would fix this issue a little more. I had to work harder to fade my shots they seemed to come quite easy with the h1. But with the h2 I had to work a little bit harder to move that ball from going left.

With the h2 my strikes seemed a little bit harder to hit even though actually I prefer the look of it strike location. The size of the head on the h2 was throwing me off a little bit. I was really struggling to strike with it as well as I did the h1. The h2 seems to bounce around the face a little bit more. I feel like there’s a middle strike in head somewhere. I hit three or four shots that have all been very different.

I personally two very different results from the two hybrids. I one hundred percent preferred the look of the h2. However the h1 completely outperforms the h2. I found it harder to hit the h2 whether it’s just the size of the head or whatever, but after hitting the h1 so good the h2 just didn’t seem to quite cut it. The h1 for me moved to the right everything with the h2 had a little bit more left tendency very interesting to see. The peak height for the h1 was 34 yards up in the air which is pretty high for a 19 degree Golf Club. The h2 none of them got over 30 yards up in the air so a definite lower more penetrating ball flight but for me just way harder to hit.

Ball speed was pretty similar across the board backspin again that’s gonna vary slightly on strike location. I’m just finding that you’ve got two very different looking golf clubs this time round. Performance I would pick up the h1. With the h2 I found that has a lower ball flight and good distance it’s just not highly forgiving. I don’t actually like the look of the h1 behind the ball compared to the h2. I didn’t feel like I had to work that hard hit it I actually preferred the performance of the h1 hands down.

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I think h2 has its advantages but I just couldn’t hit it as consistently as the bigger h1. It’s always worth considering which one is supposed to fit you and then find out which one actually does work for you. That’s the more important factor. You’re looking for the golf club that works; not the one that’s supposed to fit you. Ideally you want to test different ones. I love the options that you can customize these golf clubs as much as possible with the lofts and the weight.